How to Digitally Transform Your Business


Whether you’re looking to improve your pre-existing digital presence or you’re wanting to carry out a full digital transformation process, here at Eon, we believe that more than ever before Digital is an essential tool when it comes to marketing your products / services.

Creating a Digital Strategy

Successful digital campaigns focus on what the customer wants; planning digital strategy around consumer requirements. Examples of organisations that have executed killer digital campaigns over the last year include:

LinkedIn: #InItTogether – the campaign focuses on LinkedIn users from various industries and asks LinkedIn users the question, ‘What are you in it for?’. The video campaign was released essentially to promote what LinkedIn can do for their user base and to anyone that thought their business/profession wasn’t synonymous with setting up a LinkedIn account. Views: 2.8m

IKEA: #ASMR – the Swedish furniture giant jumped on the ASMR craze/trend for a social campaign, by releasing a 25 minute long video tutorial; ‘Oddly IKEA’, all about how to create the ‘perfect dorm room’ (of course using all of their products). By simultaneously targeting university students and social media users aware of the ASMR craze, IKEA successfully gained engagement with their brand from an entire youth market, with one silly vid. Views: 2.2m

Airbnb: The UI of Airbnb allows users to essentially ‘scroll and shop’ their desired location, price range and property type. You can filter based on a variety of factors but one thing that remains a constant with the service is the easy to use and aesthetically pleasing interface. Airbnb have been successful in capitalising on ‘instagrammable’ locations and properties listed on their site, by posting the images on the digital platform of Instagram. By utilising Instagram to market their service are able to target a wide audience. Even if you’re not looking to rent a property, by stumbling on to their feed – you’re still more likely to visit the Airbnb website and use their service in the future. A fantastic method of indirect targeting and a great digital strategy employed here by the online travel company. Instagram followers: 3.6m

Key in Door

Here at Eon, digital is what we do. We help our clients to engage their customers in a whole new way using digital assets. Whether its a 360° video, an app, a website or a 3D animation, our supercharged team are on hand to create digital assets to help you achieve your business goals.

If you’re interested in getting a helping hand on your next digital project, then why not get in touch?

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