How Technology is Changing Healthcare


In this modern digital world, innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing and improving the medical industry right before our eyes! At Eon Visual Media, we firmly believe that innovative digital technology can play a crucial role in radically transforming healthcare systems and procedures, and bring a plethora of benefits for healthcare professionals and patients.

Some of the initial ways in which innovative technology has impacted the healthcare industry include improving doctor and patient relations, improving the accessibility of information, and improving the overall education of healthcare professionals and patients. 

So far, our team has studied the impact of innovative technology in the healthcare industry by exploring the benefits of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality within the healthcare industry. In this blog, we will dive deeper and explore some of the additional ways in which innovative technology is revolutionising the healthcare industry.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch
Photo: Polina Tankilevitch

AI in Healthcare:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) ​​is the simulation of human intelligence processed by machines and computer systems. Within the healthcare industry, AI can help to design treatment plans, radically reduce the time for developing drugs and medication, and even help to diagnose cancerous and non cancerous tissue samples.

A great example of AI within the healthcare industry is ‘DeepMind’, who are a team of scientists, engineers, ethicists and more, committed to utilising AI intelligence, to advance science and benefit humanity. More of DeepMind’s work can be seen here!

Since 2010, DeepMind has utilised AI technology to significantly improve areas of medical research. For example, the team has used AI to assist with the diagnosis of breast cancer patients and spot abnormalities. According to reports, the algorithm used by ‘Deep Mind’ exceeded human radiologists’ performance by 11.5%. 

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk
Photo: Pavel Danilyuk

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality in Healthcare:

At Eon Visual Media, we have seen first hand how the use of VR & AR technology has increased in Healthcare over the past 20 years. With this, our team has collaborated with many healthcare companies and helped to develop digital solutions utilising  VR & AR technology.

For example, our team recently developed a 3D model of a colostomy bag, which was then adapted into an engaging augmented reality experience. This AR experience allowed viewers to engage with 3D & 2D models and learn more about the various stoma products. You can read more about this augmented reality experience in our case study here!

It’s not just healthcare where VR and AR are becoming a priority, when the pandemic hit, real estate agents turned to VR and AR to showcase their properties for sale. This allowed customers to view the property from their own home.

VR is also taking off in education with an increasing number of schools adopting the technology. VR allows students to experience destinations from across the world without ever having to leave the classroom.

Photo by Bermix Studio
Photo: Bermix Studio

Medical Trackers:

In this modern digital age, most people have easy access to fitness and medical trackers. These are typically integrated within smartphone or smartwatch devices such as the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. 

With this, more people than ever are now tracking their health by recording exercise, logging their diet, and tracking their heartbeats 24 hours a day! As more and more smart devices become compatible with other healthcare related applications and software, this will help many achieve a healthy lifestyle and understand the impact and benefits this can have on the body. 

Photo by Cottonbro
Photo: cottonbro


As you can see, there are many ways in which innovative technology can be applied within the healthcare industry.

As technology continues to develop and become readily available to the masses, we are certain that innovative technology will have an impact on everybody in the future. With this, we highly recommend that everybody should be open to innovative technology and embrace the impact this will have on the world of healthcare.

At Eon Visual Media we are incredibly passionate about creating visually stunning and engaging digital experiences which can engage, educate and inspire your stakeholders. To see our healthcare projects in action, please check out our video showreel below!

If you’d like to find out more about how technology can help your healthcare business, please check out our healthcare webpage or alternatively please contact us here!

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