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Healthcare runs deep in our veins. We value providing media solutions to Healthcare companies looking to communicate the advantages of their product and how the product or service works. What we love even more is creating platforms that provide an opportunity to benefit the health and wellbeing of its users. That is why we are very happy to be working on a brand new app that does exactly that, FLX App.

FLX app is a new platform that will help its users identify issues with their biomechanical profile that could cause them issues like pain and injury if not addressed. Used regularly FLX keeps people biomechanically fit so that they can enjoy health happy movement. The idea was initially put forward to us by the FLX team of Rob, Martin and Andrew. Martin has treated 1000’s of patients with physical aches & pains. With this clinical experience, Martin developed an algorithm that will allow users to identify and self-treat their biomechanics to address issues and help reduce the risk of future pain and injuries.

FLX App Lifestyle Questions

Once we received the brief and the scope of works was agreed, we went about designing the app. We are currently in the latter stages of development.

On release, the app will address biomechanical issues if you have them and help prevent future issues to keep you fit, mobile and free of pain. There is an introduction and induction process to begin to understand your biomechanical profile and ensure you are suitable to use the App. However, this diagnosis will set you on the right track to monitoring and maintaining your biomechanical and musculoskeletal health. The app is split into two programmes:
Pain – If you have pain, you will have the option to select where the pain is. The app checks your pain is what you think it is and then gives you a program of physiotherapy exercises to address the issue.
Biomechanics – You will be asked to do 6 tests initially. Depending on the results of your test, the algorithm will allocate you a Biomechanics programme to complete. This programme is clinically proven to help to prevent future pain and risk of injury by keeping your biomechanical profile healthy.

FLX App Biomechanics Test

We are building a complex algorithm that will allow the two above programmes to carry out their processes seamlessly. As mentioned above, the algorithm is based on 1000’s of patient experiences and detailed understanding of biomechanics, providing confidence to the user they are in the right hands.

When it comes to bringing the product to market, the FLX app will be initially targeted at companies as a corporate wellbeing package. Musculoskeletal problems are the second most common cause of absenteeism. People in sedentary roles are at risk due to posture problems, and people in more active roles are at risk of injury.

A benefit these companies will initially see from using this product is that they will have access to analytics from employees. It will allow the company to put preventative measures in place where common injuries occur.  The long term ambition is for FLX to protect its users’ biomechanical health so that they can enjoy healthy movement, stay pain-free, fit and active. The team plan to add modules to FLX to improve physical function like running or strength and use the biomechanical principles to address other health issues.

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