Eon Visual Media and Hull KR TV!


Back in 2003/2004, Hull KR TV became the first online TV service for Rugby League. In the days before streaming services became popular, it was relatively unheard of for online streaming, particularly within sports. Eon Visual Media approached Hull KR with an idea, to transform the video content and turn it into an engaging platform for fans.  

Hull KR TV

How did Hull KR TV come about?

Beginning first at what was then the KC Stadium, home of rivals Hull FC and local football club Hull City, Hull KR TV came about from a recognition of video content not being properly optimised within stadiums. Stadium Vision, KC Stadium’s service which we developed, was essentially a TV channel with localised ads, game highlights and interviews, created on a DVD loop. This was a great service for local fans but there were opportunities for development and innovation.  

Our team approached Hull KR about adapting this model and creating Hull KR TV, with online and at home access of the game footage, interviews and highlights. On board with the idea, Eon Visual Media began streaming footage obtained through Sky Sports and BBC, who had the rights to the match footage. Beginning as a basic subscription model, Hull KR TV gave fans access to unique content.  

Eon Visual Media uploaded footage to Vimeo and programmed in quizzes and other exclusive content and interactive elements that gave Hull KR TV its unique selling point. Eventually this was all taken in house, but it is an incredibly proud moment in our history being a pioneering company in a project that won a Royal Television Society award! Castleford, Wakefield, Wigan and St Helen’s all became adopters of a similar service, which also lead to the development of an app to give users the ability to access online and receive notifications when new content was uploaded.  


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