Creating. Inspiring. Digital.


I’m excited, very excited, as last week saw the culmination of 10 months of meetings, debate, creativity, hard work and tremendous teamwork to bring you our new brand and mission.

It was December 2016 when I first sat down with Will, one of our creators & animators, and told him I thought our branding needed refreshing. Our ‘fried eggs’ have served us well for over 10 years but the business has changed significantly over that period and we needed a brand and mission that represented those changes.


Will’s eyes lit up when we had that initial discussion and I could see from day one the passion he had for the project, a passion that I believe comes through loud and clear with our new brand and mission:-


Creating. – creative, creators creating.

We work with our clients directly or through agencies. We are called upon to be the ‘creatives’ – creating the initial ideas, concepts and storyboards. On other occasions our role is the ‘creators’ e.g. “we have a storyboard can you film this for us” but more often than not we are asked to be both. Whichever way we work we are always ‘Creating’.

Inspiring. – inspiring people, inspiring work.

We have a team of inspirational people creating inspiring work for our customers to inspire their audience. We want to make people smile and sometimes cry, but our work will always make you feel inspired.

Digital. – is what we do.

Digital is the lifeblood of our business and without it we wouldn’t be a business. We create inspiring digital products and services that deliver for our clients.

That’s our mission and we’re sticking to it 🙂


Please keep an eye on our social media feeds as we will be posting more stories, images and videos about the re-brand and what it means to our business, our customers and most importantly, our staff.


Whilst you’re here, please also take the time to look around our new website and make sure you check out the latest examples of our work.


Thanks for reading, I hope you feel inspired.

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