#AR in healthcare.


At Eon, we believe AR has the potential to have an incredible impact on industry and in particular, Healthcare. We have spent years researching and investing in AR technology and the possibilities of its application. We have found that through utilising the tech in conjunction with existing material / technology, there is scope to create tools that can provide users with a better quality of life, ultimately – helping the world become a healthier place.

Having worked extensively on the development of tools that utilise AR tech, we’re well-versed in its capabilities and benefits. We have developed AR apps for a variety of industries to date, including Sanitary, Food & Drink, Construction & Healthcare. 



We have witnessed Healthcare Professionals look (and use) our apps in awe, when applied to something as simple as augmenting & exploring a detailed 3D model of a body organ, in the physical space in front of them. 


The advantages of AR in demonstrative & educational tools, are its interactiveness. Users can witness rather than just read about a medical condition, or the method of administering a drug, or the MOA of a product, in detail and in their own physical space. Technology such as this is increasingly leaving less and less to the imagination and enabling more accurate tools to be developed in this sector. What does this mean for brands? By incorporating AR in to marketing strategy, Healthcare brands are able to communicate their USP as visually & vividly as possible, providing the most amount of information in the most effective way possible. Ultimately, AR is a tool that can set a healthcare brand aside from the rest when optimised and used to its full potential. 


Explored further, Augmented Reality can be used in the Healthcare industry when incorporated in to the process of diagnosis, by augmenting symptom areas and pain points from within the body, patients can visualise their condition and potentially better understand it. In addition, it has been reported that AR is making breakthroughs on a surgical basis, exploring areas once thought to be unachievable and providing options that are as minimally invasive as possible. 


When it comes to demonstrating your all-new AR tech, there are many fun and effective ways to incorporate your company branding and vision. AR can we initiated on a mobile device via multiple methods, including 2D Print triggers. We incorporated AR in to a client’s recent conference stand, by embedding code in to the print of their branded t-shirts and lanyards – worn by staff and scanned by visitors. This ultimately encouraged engagement and pushed the brand image out to multiple delegates at the event, as they associated the logo with the fun, eye-catching content being augmented when scanning the company’s logo! 


Have a look at some #AR work we’ve worked on, including some awesome #Healthcare projects



If you’re interested in discussing how #AR can accelerate your next Healthcare campaign, we’d love to hear from you!

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