5 Reasons You Should Livestream Events!


Simultaneously recording a live event and broadcasting it online, known as livestreaming, can be an incredibly good use of time and resources to boost awareness and engagement of your brand and event. Modern technology, namely smartphones, allow for simple broadcasting to social media platforms, giving more accessibility and flexibility to your services. The ability to livesteam private events also allows you to control the audience and manage your content.

Here, we discuss the 5 main reasons why you should livestream your next event…

Livestreaming event

1. Build Hype and Increase Participation

The prelude to a big event can often be crucial to its success. Livestreaming events to show behind the scenes or holding Q&As with presenters or speakers can really boost hype and awareness, and encourage participation in the event itself. Research shows that 30% of those who watch event livestreams will attend the next event in person. Considering this figure, using a hybrid approach to marketing (including livestreams) will really encourage consumer engagement, be it at an event or through social media.

2. Boost Reach

Reach is an important concept, particularly for public events. It is often quite simple to engage your local and loyal audience, but it can be difficult to reach extended audiences. Using livestreams, to livestream events or to use as a prelude to events, can really boost awareness by reaching external environments. The video nature of livestreams means they are accessible and flexible (being able to be viewed later), as well as often quite unique events. Using livestreams and allowing people to access content remotely and without any physical or geographical barriers, support research that claims 52% of marketers name video content as the best ROI.


3. Remote Opportunities

Livestreaming events presents many opportunities due to their remote, digital nature. The accessibility of livestreams, with no geographical barriers preventing people from joining, give many opportunities for remote speakers to participate in events. Being able to secure a well known speaker that may otherwise have not been able to attend would further boost reach and engagement in the event. As well as this, the accessibility of livestreams on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube) means remote speakers have even more flexibility to be able to join, given the range of available platforms for simple livestreams.

4. Archive Your Event

Livestreaming events gives a great benefit of providing a live feed to a live audience from a live event. As well as this, though, it gives a great opportunity to archive the event, allowing you to repurpose some of the content for more specific services. Giving viewers the chance to watch at a later time or date more suitable to their convenience boosts engagement with the content and brand. Having the ability to tap into a live audience, as well as an audience tuning in later, gives you a better advantage in terms of future engagement and participation in events.

5. Virtual Community

Hosting a livestream of an event automatically creates a type of virtual community, gathering together like-minded individuals with a general interest in your company or event. Being able to maintain contact with your captured network allows you to focus on specific groups and target your future content based on their interests. Viewing the audience as an engaged community gives opportunities to create a virtual network with similar interests. As well as this, you may have an automatic audience for your next event.


Livestreaming events can simply be done on social media platforms via smartphones! However, if you want a more high-quality stream, look no further… we can help! Our team of videographers and filmmakers use professional equipment to deliver a high-quality live video, to give your audiences the best livestream.

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