3 Tech Trends of 2023!


The Third Insutrial Revolution, better known as the Digital Revolution is the shift from mechanical to digital technology. Of course, we don’t need history lessons here but it’s important to mention the transformation the internet has had on business, production, operations, marketing and consumerism. The influence of the pandemic led to extreme digitisation and that is only flourishing in 2023 and beyond…

We explore 3 of the top tech trends in 2023 and how they will influence your business!

AI Curated Interactions

AI chatbots like Chat GPT have surged in popularity over the past few months, with their arguably ominous nature of replicating human interactions. These modern AI chatbots have very human-like capabilities to understand and produce text, as well as generate images, solve mathematical equations and carry out complex writing tasks including producing poetry. They can also understand and respond to feedback.

As you can imagine, this technology has the ability to completely transform business interactions with customers, with a more efficient, standardised and personalised query process. As well as this, there are a plethora of opportunities for AI technologies like Chat GPT to generate ideas and create written content.

Some would still argue that the limitations of AI technology compared to human interactions inhibit its capabilities, but it will be interesting to see whether businesses integrate any of this technology into their strategies.


Marketing in the Metaverse

The immersive virtual world, better known as the Metaverse, is a universally digital environment facilitated by the use of AR and VR. Within this, there are endless opportunities for immersion marketing. Nikeland is a virtual environment created by Nike to gather individuals for social events and gaming experiences. As well as marketing their products and selling non-fungible tokens, Nike can also track consumption patterns, feeding into another huge trend of 2023: datafication.

Gathering data on consumption and purchasing behaviour gives companies a huge advantage in their marketing strategies, to really hit the right target audience. Being able to market within the Metaverse gives brands opportunities to digitally track data from a wider audience than those merely visiting stores and shopping online. The rise of the Metaverse gave individuals more of an incentive to create digital versions of themselves, a digital twin if you will. This furthers the relevance of marketing within the Metaverse and again gives brands a massive insight into customers, present and future.

Nikeland on Roblox

Growth of Green Technologies

Naturally, we all know the impact of business and technology on the environment, but are there opportunities for green technologies to create greener environments? Commonly discussed in the tech and environment industries are the so-called ‘megatrends’ of decarbonisation and technological disruption; simply put, these are the main things that can transform the green landscape of businesses.

Future-proofing is something businesses need to engage in, in order to become a long-term, sustainable business. Renewable energies, changes in production and sustainable supply chains are some green technologies and methods often used in future-proofing. Some argue it is a social pressure that prompts businesses to be more sustainable, where some argue it is simply corporate social responsibility. Whatever side of the argument you are on, there’s no doubting that becoming greener and more sustainable is the way forward for businesses, hence the continued growth of green technologies.


Here at Eon Visual Media, we are constantly researching and engaging in new tech trends that informs innovation and creativity. We are also undertaking a green revolution and reducing the carbon footprint of our business. Get in touch, and let’s have a chat about how we can help you engage in tech trends of 2023, from the Metaverse to AI!

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