3 of the Best Halloween Ads!


We are creepin’ it real this Halloween and discussing some of the best Halloween ads and what we love about them. Plus, we will be giving you some simple recommendations on how you can create come creepy content of your own… give ’em pumpkin to talk about this Halloween!

Utilising user-generated content, hashtags, themed gifts, filters and adorning the offices with skeletons, pumpkins and cobwebs is a sure fire way to set the macabre mood for the Halloween season. Channeling this into your Halloween ad campaigns can boost awareness, sales and engagement through showcasing creativity and keeping up to date on seasons and trends… after all, if you’ve got it, haunt it!

Fanta’s VR Campaign

Fanta's Virtual Reality Halloween Campaign

Back in 2018, Fanta partnered with Dublin’s The Nightmare Realm to win tickets to a virtual reality Halloween experience. Consisting of a creepy virtual escape room, as well as real life terrors, the whole experience would be a horror-fest fitting for any spooky season celebration! To make this campaign a success, Fanta utilised ghostly graphics on their packaging and included a code to a spooky Snapchat filter for an at home augmented reality experience. The combination of a physical and digital campaign saw Fanta’s sales rise by 23% showing how seasonal trends can really lift spirits and engage your audience in a creative and fun manner!

Marmite’s Trick or Treat

Marmite Trick or Treat Halloween Ad
Marmite really capitalised on their brand controversy in 2018, centering their Halloween campaign on their ‘love it or hate it’ tagline in relation to trick or treating! They released collectible trick or treat jars embellished with potions and treats. Research shows that around 67% of consumers are influenced by packaging design when choosing products, so it is no surprise that brands choose to go down the creative route in their Halloween campaigns. Whether you love it or hate it, Marmite’s ingenius 2018 Halloween campaign really stirred up an appetite for creepy creativity… bone appetit!

Skittles’ Rotten Roulette

Zombie Skittles
Skittles got creative with their flavours for their most recognised Halloween campaign, lacing packs of ‘Zombie Skittles’ with disgusting tricks and tasty treats. Mummified Melon and Blood Red Berry are amongst the treats, with Rotten Zombie flavour being disguised within these spook-tacular sweets. To market this campaign, Skittles used influencer marketing and encouraged user-generated content with the hashtag #DareTheRainbow, a mysterious twist on their tagline #TasteTheRainbow. Its success saw the campaign repeated in 2020 with bags of ‘Zombie Skittles’ appearing on supermarket shelves once again! The roulette element introduces a touch of Halloween horror, relating again to trick or treating traditions, something that is easily related to across the globe.
Halloween Candy

The creepy creativity of these Halloween campaigns shows how a simple and innovative idea that is marketed well can really boost engagement in your brand.

Need some ideas for your own content, influenced by some great global ads? Look no further…

  • Simple promotions – Halloween themed products and sales in the name of spooky season!
  • Team building exercises – office bake-offs, pumpkin carving and dressing up! Oh come on, everyone loves devouring an eyeball cake pop whilst dressed as Dracula, right?!
  • Maintain brand relevance – utilise your core capabilities and services to showcase your own creepy creativity, be it virtual reality, web services or design…
  • Hold online contests – to boost user-generated content, including that of your employees, create an online contest, perhaps best bake or decorations. This increases awareness of your brand and encourages engagement whilst being on trend and on theme!

If you need any creative direction, videos or animations, then get in touch! We can help bring your vision to life and make you stand out from the crowd!

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