Innovating Education With Chatta Learning


Chatta is a unique approach to teaching that links images with language. After working with hundreds of schools, thousands of teachers and pupils, Chatta has been designed to increase the depth and frequency of parents/child interaction. It leads to more opportunities for sharing stories and family conversation.

Children learn to speak through interactions, shared stories, books and songs. Experiences link to modelled language from adults. Chatta makes this effortless in two ways, they provide parents with their software and regular activity ideas to enjoy with their children at home.

Over five years ago, we originally developed the first version of the Chatta App. Since then the app has had minimal updates, however, in recent months, the company has had significant investment from the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ providing an opportunity to re-develop a new and improved platform. A key new requirement is a move to a cloud-based solution, there are a host of other new features and enhancements planned.

The Chatta team oozes passion about the learning tool they’ve created and we really can’t wait to deliver an inspiring platform with them. It’s a project that really fits perfectly with our ‘creative inspiring digital’ mission.

Prior to starting development, we completed a 2-3 week scoping phase to work out a refined development plan. This included: 

  • Research cloud platforms
  • Test concept apps
  • User stories
  • System wireframes
  • System architecture documentation

We are carrying out the development in two main phases. 

The initial phase has been a ground-up rebuild of the software introducing cloud integration, for deployment on iOS & Android including a new browser version of the app. The initial phase focused on delivering all of the previous app functionality for a quick rollout.

The second development phase has some exciting new features to build, and further enhancing the overall user experience of the software


We also made improvements to the current website design. This was followed up by the website development, which has added increased functionality & improved user experience on the website. You can check out the upgraded website here – To go alongside this we shot and edited some promotional video content that is embedded in the upgraded website.

Chatta has recently been named as one of the world’s most inspiring innovations in education for the 3rd year running. Global education non-profit organisation HundrED reviewed over 5,000 applicants for the 2021 Global Collection and Chatta was chosen as one of the top 100 most impactful education innovations for 2021. 

We look forward to completing this exciting project in the near future and sharing the end result with you. If you’re interested in discussing a potential App project with a member of our Development team, please feel free to hit the button below!