Developing a life-saving app for Bausch + Lomb.

Eon Visual Media have developed a mobile app, now available on the App Store, that acts as a reminder assistant for sufferers of anaphylactic shock, to remember to carry their Emerade Pen with them at all times.
A major issue for sufferers of anaphylaxis, particularly amongst 16-25 year olds, is remembering to carry their life saving pen with them, the App is helping to address this.
The app contains vital information for sufferers, as well as guidance on how and when to use the pen. An additional feature of the app, is an emergency tab to provide easy access to life-saving advice and an exact current location – as well as a link to call 999 for sufferers in the case of emergency.


Eon are working closely with global healthcare company Bausch + Lomb, the company behind Emerade, to develop the next generation of connected healthcare products, including geofence location reminders as well as using beacon technology to create a tracking device for the Emerade pen itself.


If you, or someone you know suffers from anaphylaxis and is an Emerade user, make sure to download the Emerade Reminders app for potentially life-saving tips.


For any other app enquiries, feel free to get in touch:

01482 484850



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