With augmented reality, users are given the ability to take mundane experiences and make them extraordinary, taking everyday reality and augmenting the unusual and the spectacular to create a truly immersive experience. We're constantly exploring and experimenting with augmented reality technology, and we love it when a client approaches us with project that needs our creative flare and technical expertise. We've developed augmented all sorts, everything from a human stomach to sinks, taps and even buildings.

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Here at Eon, our tech team have the skills to create a SmartBeacon solution tailored to your business needs. SmartBeacons are a great way to send localised push notifications direct to your customers whenever they're within range. They add a sense of personalisation to any experience, sharing highly contextual and meaningful content and messages to your audience based on their location; whilst providing an extension into the digital world, and allowing brands to communicate more effectively with their customers.

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To us, a picture speaks a thousand digital possibilities. Our secret Smart Picture® formula mixes printed materials with a hidden layer of digital content, giving your printed content an immersive dimension. Utilising your video, web or app content, Smart Picture® allows users to access digital content at the touch of a button, unleashing your digital content through interactive print.

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No this isn't a homage to Star Wars...hologram technology is increasingly being utilised as a tool to visualise information, transforming flat articles into 3 dimensional objects. Holograms have proved to be the next step in making digital content more human compatible, displaying objects in 3D, which we previously would have seen in 2D on our smartphones. Here at Eon, our 3D team have created holograms for everything from conferences and presentations, to marketing events and sales shows, helping our clients to showcase their products to their audience in an enticing way.

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Drones & 360 Video.

The constant advances in video technology continue to inspire our storytelling at Eon. 360° video and drone filming have the ability to take the viewer on journeys to places outside the realm of traditional video. 360° video makes it possible for the viewer to be fully immersed in an exciting new environment, sparking interest and encouraging maximum engagement. Similarly, our in-house drone pilot is able to fly to areas that were once not possible, allowing your creative vision to be executed in stunning HD quality and without the helicopter pilot price tag.

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We're continually experimenting with the latest technology surrounding virtual reality. Virtual reality experiences allow our clients to create scenarios that otherwise would be impossible to create, engaging their customers in a whole new innovative way. We encourage our clients to push the boundaries in order to develop fresh and inventive ways of reaching their audiences, and virtual reality enables them to do this in an effective way. Whenever it seems too dangerous, expensive or impractical to do something in reality, virtual reality is the answer.

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